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Send the hottest Christmas gift this year to someone you love. Get a personalized, animated e-mail with the name of the recipient, age, gender and race.  An e-mail that is just for them!  It will be a fun and exciting way to spur on the thrill of the Christmas season whether near or far away, everyone knows someone that would love to receive an animated, sound enhanced personal note from old St. Nick! 

And its Not just for Kids, send one to the Troops! 

Click here to view just a small text only, snip-it of his letter

Here's how it works...
* Fill out a simple form that is completely private and confidential where you will specify the name, age, gender and race of the recipient. (Caucasian and African American available).
* Your e-mail from Santa will arrive sometime between today and Christmas. 
* You will get an accompanying e-mail to let you know that your loved one has received their special note from Santa.

That's it! It is so simple a Reindeer could do it,
                                                           in fact they have!

Santa expects to start responding to all of his e-mails through
December 1st until December 24th!

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